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Silvia Naim

Software Developer (frontend)

Hi there👋, I’m really happy you came to this website!

My name is Silvia Naim, and I’m a Frontend developer. You can call me Naim. I’m very excited about learning and working in the IT industry, especially when it comes to making software.

Actually, I first have known into web development in 2020. But later on, I wanted to learn about other things in the IT world like IoT, Cloud Computing, and more while being a college. After a while, In 2022 I realized that I’m better suited for Software Development, especially in the frontend. Because of my decision, I started seriously diving into frontend development and sometimes also tried on backend work.

I created this website intentionally to write blogs and make it easier for me to document something useful. I hope that I can share experiences or anything that can be useful for other people

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